My practice provides clients with personal legal services in estate planning, real estate and business planning. I use a non-traditional style of doing business that is designed to meet clients' needs when they arise, through responsiveness and efficient, one-on-one communication.

Personal Attention
Legal services are most effective when an attorney and a client are able to communicate well and when needs arise. I work to eliminate the barriers and stuffiness that are often associated with an attorney relationship. Clients call me by my first name and appreciate that there are no gatekeepers who try to keep me distant or unavailable to them. I listen to what my clients wish to accomplish and explain to them not only how I can assist them in reaching their objectives, but also the reasons behind my recommendations. This makes our work together highly efficient and effective.

My clients quickly discover that I operate a very different style of practice. I've done away with the typical cumbersome and outdated processes that can impede effective communication. I don't screen incoming phone calls and serve my busy clients by communicating via phone and email when those media will suffice. I know that my clients' work and personal time is valuable, and I'm intimately familiar with the tight timelines that legal matters often require. You benefit with quicker response times and more information.

I complete as much as possible electronically. For my clients that means fewer trips into the office, and efficient, technical solutions that help communicate the intricacies of a situation both quickly and clearly. I use modern technical solutions that, perhaps paradoxically, actually allow for a much more personal connection and hands-on approach than was possible with earlier generations of technology. You'll find that resolutions are achieved much more easily with an attorney who uses today's technology to your advantage.

See Lincoln Miller's article published in Law Technology News, on how he uses a tablet computer to increase personal attention, efficiency and responsiveness in his practice.

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