Getting Ahead,
Staying Ahead

We’re drawn to advance and move towards a goal. Perhaps it’s leaving a family legacy; starting and succeeding in your business; or getting that dream property or home for your family. Whatever it may be, we’ll come alongside to get you where you want to be.

Main Focus

The relationship between an attorney and client works best when it is collaborative, with each party having been heard, understood and responded to.

Towards those ends, our firm works hard to be active listeners, to communicate clearly, and to be timely with our advice and work product. Furthermore, we strive to make the client experience memorable.

Estate Planning

Plan Well, Plan Right.

Whether you know it or not, you do have an estate plan. Our job is to make sure it’s the right one.

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Estate planning is a process of identifying your wishes,​

both while alive and at your death, and providing directions to carry out those goals in relationship to yourself, your loved ones, and your property. We make sure your wishes get carried out.

We begin by having you complete a questionnaire designed to provide us with information that helps us to understand your situation and to be able to ask informed questions about your life goals, all for the purpose of determining what the most suitable and responsible plan is for you.

From there, we make recommendations and provide different options for you to consider what is best suited for you. Normally, at an initial estate planning meeting, we can provide fixed fees for the options that we put forth, which you don’t incur unless you direct the work to be done.

Our goal is that within 10 days of your initial estate planning meeting you have drafts of your estate planning documents in your hands, and that within 30 days from that first meeting we have finalized your documents and you have signed them.


Case Studies

The Lost Will

Occasionally it happens that the family cannot find the original of their family member’s Will. Alas, all is not lost for those families that are cooperative. In some instances, we’ve been able to probate a copy of the lost original

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Real Estate

Real estate transactional work commonly entails the drafting and review of purchase and sale agreements or lease agreements,

but it is that and so much more.


When property is sold or leased from one party to another,

certain promises about the property are made (or not). Our job is to help you understand what those commitments may be and how it affects your purchase, sale or lease.

Inspecting the property you wish to buy, sell or lease is not just a review of its physical condition, but of title, too. Are there title defects that need to be cured? An encroachment that is unresolved? We “dig” into these issues and more.

In most multiple listing transactions, there’s a push for a one-size-fits-all agreement and addenda, but we study the situation and help you figure out whether the shoe actually fits. And if it doesn’t, we know how to shoe horn it in when others don’t.

You’ve got a goal, and we are there to align with it. Sometimes that results in a closed transaction, but sometimes not. We help you to know when to walk away and when you should stay the course.


Case Studies

The Fence Line

Has there ever been a fence line that is perfectly on the boundary line? Well, I suppose maybe, yes. But, more often it seems, fence lines are off by inches and sometimes feet. What do you do, particularly when you’re

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Business Planning

The bar has lowered for establishing a business,

but competition, regulation and liability risks have made it more difficult to maintain a profit and stay in business over the long haul.


We want to be with you through the lifespan of your company –

from formation, through the ups and downs, and eventually to the sale or transition to new owners when you’re ready to retire. We help you plan for it all.

We’re there to get you started, helping you with choosing the appropriate entity, getting it established properly and then setting up the legal framework for you to operate it successfully.

Once you’re established, you need someone by your side when contracts need drafting, leases need reviewing, or disputes need resolving. We’re there to come alongside and provide you with the assistance you need to be successful.

From the beginning, we look towards the end and help you to plan accordingly. That means putting into place agreements with other owners when relationships may be at their best, so that when the time arises for transition, the plan is already established.


Case Studies

LLC Planning for Real Estate

A common question asked by clients owning real property is whether they should hold their property in a limited liability company (LLC) for asset protection purposes among other reasons. If cost is not a factor, the answer is normally yes.

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